The Lovely Bakery.
At The Lovely Bakery
At The Lovely Bakery

As a small, newly born business we're not short of passion!(or ingredients!) We love baking, it's no lie!

We cherish our ability to make raw ingredients in to spectacular edible masterpieces! at a reasonable price too!

We here at The Lovely Bakery treat our creations as an artist would thier paintings, all individual, no two are the same. No matter how large or small a project, they all get equal amounts of love and attention to detail.

We know you'll love our cakes as much as we do! and not forgetting about the cookies too! :)

As you can see our website is new too, it will be as good as our cakes soon, we promise!

If you have any questions please contact us at:

At the moment we are serving London and Hertfordshire, and deliveries will be made personally if you don't want to pick up your cake from us. Either is not a problem :)

We look forward to hearing from you :)


At The Lovely Bakery